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As salaam alaikum Brothers & Sisters,

SFMCC will live stream/post the
Jumu’ah Khutbah & Prayer online
Friday’s at 1:15pm.

News April 15, 2022–
The San Francisco Muslim Community center has been blessed with the opportunity to purchase a building to establish a center for Muslim Life in the Bay Area in Vallejo ,CA. Please join our efforts to purchase and renovate the building.
You can make a donation here or contact us to discuss the best way you can help make this effort a reality, inshallah!

The physical masjid/center will be closed for Jumu’ah services and other gatherings until further notice, to align with steps the city is taking and to protect our community during this time. We encourage everyone to connect with us on Facebook, listen to a lecture by Imam Al-Amin and pray Zuhr prayer in your homes. And we also remind you that you can pay your Zakat/Sadaqah here by clicking the support button and on Facebook as well. Jazak Allah khairkum!

News March 1, 2020–
As salaam alaikum Brothers & Sisters
The San Francisco Muslim Community Center aspires to be a place of Muslim community life.   Due to raising rents and deepening of the affordability crisis, we are approaching a time of transition.  We need your support to be able to continue being a place for believers to learn, receive guidance and inspiration from our deen, while continuing to have a strong presence in San Francisco for Muslim community life.

With your financial support,  we will be able to afford needed administrative infrastructure to allow the center to continue to provide the Jumu’ah, other Prayer services, Quranic Classes, transition from incarceration services and other community benefits. 

To do this we are launching  a two part community campaign (individual and institutional)  with opportunities for all our members and supporters to participate and contribute to the good work Allah has blessed us to be able to do here at the SF Muslim Community Center. ​ ​

Individual Community Support: 
To establish a base of financial support for the administrative and service needs of our Mosque we are asking 100 brothers and sisters to become regular  community financial Contributors, Stewards, Benefactors and Visionaries.​

Stewards & Benefactors  to the SF Muslim Community Center:

  • Community Contributor of the San Francisco Muslim Community Center: Donates $50/month or ($10 per week).
  • Community Steward of the San Francisco  Muslim Community Center: Donates $100/ month  or( $20 per week).
  • Community Benefactorof the San Francisco Muslim Community Center: Donates $300+/month or ($75 per week) or other large donations of $3000+​

Join our community of donors & contibutors! Thank you.