Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin

Resident Imam for the San Francisco Muslim Community Center from 1981-Present

Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin, received his first appointment as Resident Imam in 1981 by the esteemed leader of Muslim Americans; Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Imam Al-Amin has served as Muslim Chaplain at the Federal Prison FCI Dublin, CA. Additionally, he worked for the Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice as Program Director and Associate Director for 23 years. As Imam of the San Francisco Muslim Community Center, he served as Convener of Western Regional Imams’ from 1995 thru 2010. He has been involved in city and state wide issues and concerns as a community organizer. His travels on behalf of the Muslim community include visits to Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Imam Na’il Shakoor

Assistant Imam & Acting Treasurer

Imam Na’il Shakoor is a member of the Masjid Board of Directors and helps manage daily operations at the SFMCC and planning long range goals. He relocated to the Bay Area in 2005 from Mobile, Alabama and joined the community in San Francisco behind the leadership of Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin. After a twenty-five year career in public health care Na’il retired in 2016 (on his birthday) and the following year went to Hajj (on his birthday) fulfilling the obligation that all Muslims hope to do. He lives in Daly City and is active in serving the community in whatever capacity needed.

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